Friday, March 4, 2011

Running In My Nike Lunarswift+ Down Memory Lane

Nike Lunarswift+
Workout: 60 Minute Run

I've had these Nike Lunarswift+ shoes since the beginning of my indoor track season (December), so just about 3 months.  Since then i've ran about 400 miles and close to 300 in these shoes.  They have held up really well and continue to be the shoes that I use for the majority of my runs.  

Today, on one of my last days off for Spring Break, I had a long run workout.  I decided to run 60 minutes.  Typically I have a usual running loop that I run twice when I do runs around 60 minutes, but I decided to run somewhere where I haven't tried to run before.  I started down my neighborhood and when I exited it I broke to the left like I usually do.  I followed the road and where I usually turn right, I kept straight.  I ran for about 25 minutes and made it to Bells Mills Park, the cross country course that I ran on for 4 years in high school.  I ran the first 800 meters of the course just to see if anything had changed, but everything was the same.  When I ran there in high school I only broke 19 minutes for the 5k two times.  When I was in high school I never imagined that I would one day run under 16 minutes for the 5k and under 27 for the 8k.  

The Lunarswift+ felt great on the run, but I've put a lot of miles on them.  I'm going to upgrade pretty soon.  Maybe the Nike LunarEclipse+ ...

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