Thursday, March 3, 2011

Run Attempt: Nike Lunar Kayoss

Nike Lunar Kayoss
Workout: 45 Minute Run w/ 10 minutes at Tempo Pace

I just got these shoes as a present for my birthday.  I was really looking forward to testing them out on a run.  I came back to school and met up with some members of my track team to do a workout.  These shoes seemed a little stiff when we first started running.  As the run progressed and we started the tempo, I noticed that these shoes were striking the ground in a very heavy fashion.  The Nike Lunar Kayoss are a training shoe, not a running shoe, and that was apparent when trying to run in them.  We finally rounded the corner to school and finished our workout and I drove back to my apartment.  Looking back on my run today, I would not suggest the Lunar Kayoss for running hard paced workouts in, but if you are new to running, these shoes might be a suitable starting point.  I would not recommend wearing these shoes for over 15-20 minutes of low to moderate paced running.  On the other hand, if you play other sports or are looking for a shoe to wear to the gym then these are definitely an option for you!

This shoe is no longer available on the Nike website, but there are a ton of websites out there who have them available.  Such as:

Foot Locker:



Also, check out to check out other great shoes that are available for runners.
I hope this blog post has helped you learn a little bit more about this shoe.  If you have had any experiences with this shoe that you would like to share or have any comments please feel free to share!

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