Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Want The Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Workout: Day Off!

I've had a hard week and I'm still coming off of some kind of bug that I picked up 2 weeks ago.  Today I took a day off from running to allow my body to recover and to focus on schoolwork.  I figured since I didn't run today, I'd talk about an upcoming product that I'm really looking forward to, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by Tom Tom.  

Over the summer I purchased the Nike+ Sportband since I wanted to keep track of my weekly mileage.  It was really convenient since I didn't have to remember how many miles I had run, I could just look right at the band and it would tell me how many miles I had run that week or in total.  I used the band all the way up until I went back to school for the Fall semester.  I really enjoyed the features that it had.  You could always just use it as a watch when you weren't running and I loved the fact that you could upload your runs online.  When you plug the sportband into the usb drive on your computer, it would shift all of the information from your band and duplicate it onto Nike's online servers where you could check out your runs and view your friends information.  I enjoyed that part just because one of my friends on the Cross Country Team had one and I would always try to put more miles in per week then he did.  The Nike+ Sportband was great, but the upcoming Nike+ SportWatch GPS is looking a lot better with much easier to use features.

The Nike+ SportWatch will allow users to upload the GPS information.  Unlike the band, the watch will show you exactly where you ran to on a map, allowing you to track your running route and giving you incentive to run further on the same route the next time.  On the SportWatch you will be able to see your pace and miles run at the same time instead of only being able to view one option at a time on the band.  This is a much needed upgrade since you had to look down and switch every time you wanted to know your pace or miles.  Also, the pace and mileage are much more accurate with the Tom Tom GPS upgrade.  Click on the picture of the Nike+ SportWatch and click Stay Tuned to receive emails about further product information!  I can't wait til this comes out!

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