Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 7: Asics GT-2110, Brooks Green Silence, Asics Piranha SP 3, Scott Wright

Mile: 4:56 | 2 Mile: 10:41 | 5k: 17:42

Scott is a sophomore at CNU. He is a tremendously hard worker; able to balance school, ROTC, and Cross Country and Track and Field practices. He's run Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor track, all for two seasons each at CNU. This year Scott has some notable personal records. During Cross Country he ran to an 8k PR of 29:38 and during Indoor he had a PR in the 3k with a time of 10:22. Scott looks poised to break both his Outdoor 800, 1500, and 5k PRs this upcoming season.

He has worn the Asics GT-2110 for a while and recently picked up a pair of Brooks Green Silence.

He uses the GT-2110's for the majority of his runs and the Green Silence for track workouts.  

The main feature that he looks for when deciding on what running shoes to purchase is the fact that the shoe is light. On an average week, Scott puts 50-60 miles on his shoes. Scott has never experienced any form of pain or injury while wearing either of the shoes. This is a great benefit.  His Asics GT-2110's have held up very well with the large quantity of miles that he runs with them.  Also, the Green Silence have become his favorite shoe for track workouts.  Scott finds that these shoes are the most beneficial to wear during his tempo and progressive runs.  He feels that they provide comfort for longer distance repeats and shorter speed work.

During races, just like Mac, Scott uses the Asics Piranha SP 3.  Again, he likes that they are a light weight shoe that are very versatile.  He uses them for all of his distances, ranging from the 800 all the way up to the 5k.

Scott, thanks for all of your valuable input! I need to get a pair of those Green Silence! Click on the pictures if you'd like further information on any of the shoes!

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