Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 5: Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 14, Chris Lyford

Mile: 4:40 | 6k: 19:22 | 8k: 26:36

Chirs Lyford is a middle/long distance runner.  He was a solid runner during the 2009 Cross Country Season, making it into the top 5 runners from CNU and competing in the NCAA DIII South/Southeast Cross Country Region Championship as a Freshman.  During the 2010 Cross Country Season, he made a strong debut when he posted a 6k time of 19:22.  Later on in the season he followed up his previous success by racing to a personal record in the 8k with a time of 26:36.

Chris wears a pair of Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 14.  His main reasoning behind buying this shoe is that they are a pair of Nikes.  Chris has been wearing Nike running shoes for the majority of his running career.  He told me that he is now on his second pair of these shoes and despite the cost they were well worth the investment.

His first pair of Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 14 held up for 3 months of consistent running.  Durability is a big factor when it comes to evaluating shoes since Chris puts around 50-60 miles on them per week.  He recently bought a second pair to replace the old ones two weeks ago.  Chris finds that the Nike Zoom Triax+ provide a good amount of stability so it is comfortable to wear on both trail and road surfaces.  Also, these shoes have Flywire technology on them, making them much more lightweight than other shoes.  Chris says that this feature was a big influence on his purchase of a second pair.  

I interviewed him while we were doing a workout today.  We ran together for a 25 minute out/22 minute back run.  On the way back we started pushing the pace and eventually Chris gapped me by 20 seconds and we finished in 20 minutes.  Looks like Chris is back to his cross country form and ready to do big things during outdoor track.

Chris, I appreciate your input about your Zoom Structure Triax+ 14!

Check the shoe out by clicking the picture below and come back tomorrow for another blog post!

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