Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 5: Adidas, Brooks, Asics, and Nike, Kwarteng Asare

Triple Jump: 47 Ft. 3/4 Inches | Long Jump: 23 Ft. 3/4 Inches
200: 23.08 | 400: 49.52

Kwarteng Asare is the top 200 and 400 meter runner at CNU. In addition to his running success, he excels in the jump events. During the 2010 Outdoor Track and Field season he provisionally qualified for both the long jump and triple jump.  He was ranked #18 in the nation for the TJ and #36 for the LJ. Asare had a great early indoor season this year, but was plagued by an illness at the end of the season. Asare has his eyes set on an automatic qualifier for DIII Nationals during outdoor in the TJ, LJ, 400, and 4x400!

Asare has used a number of different shoes for his trainers and event spikes. Recently, for his trainers he has used the Adidas Sequence 3 and Brooks Switch 4. For his event spikes he has used the Asics Japan Lite-Ning for running and Nike Zoom TJ for jumps.  

He said that he primarily used the Adidas Sequence 3 for his trainers, but he had a few problems in terms of slipping when he did starts for workouts. Asare has just switched to the Brooks Switch 4 and has been very pleased with their performance. Asare has found that they are light and comfortable, making them an ideal shoe for sprinting. They also grab the track underneath of him when he is sprinting so he gets that push off sensation with every stride. He said, "sometimes when i'm accelerating it feels like i'm actually running in sprinting spikes"

Asare has used these running spikes since high school. He said that the Asics Japan Lite-Ning are very comfortable for running since they give his foot freedom to move within the shoe. Also, they prevent sliding and keep his feet in the right place for maximum performance.

He jumps the triple and long jump in the Nike Zoom TJ. He used the Asics Cyber Jump Beijing in the recent past, but they hurt his heel and knee whenever he went to plant for a jump. They also limited the amount of jumps that he could take during the course of a meet. This turned him to using the Nike Zoom TJ which eliminated his previous problems because they have more heel support and are extremely light.

Thanks Asare for the information about all of the different shoes that you use for training and competition! Check all of them out!  Come back for another shoe tomorrow.

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