Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4: Asics GT-2160, Ray Gamache

5k: 15:48 | 8k: 26:19

Ray is a long distance runner on CNU's Cross Country and Track and Field teams.  His primary event is the 5k, where he excels.  He is also a very tough competitor.  Ray ran a 26:19 8k at the NCAA DIII South/Southeast Cross Country Region Championship despite fighting off injuries and only running 3-4 times total over the month prior to the race.  During the upcoming outdoor track season he will be taking on the 3,000m Steeple Chase with hopes of adding another event to his arsenal.

Ray wears a pair of Asics GT-2160.  He originally bought his first pair in that series in 2004, the first year he took up running.  He learned about these shoes when his dad, a big Asics fan, gave him a magazine with an article about the Asics GTs.  Ray continues to use the same series of Asics today.

He shared some key points about the shoes with me in an interview earlier today.  He said that the shoes are a little heavy, but they are higher mileage.  This means that they don't break down fast and you can use the same pair for multiple months or high volumes of miles.  Also, the Asics GT-2160 are stability shoes, so they stop him from pronating when he runs and help to correct some of his running mechanics.

Ray uses the Asics GT-2160 for every type of run, but every once in a while he uses spikes for speed work since they aren't as heavy.   He prefers the blue and white ones shown below!

Ray, thanks for taking the time to meet with me and talk about your Asics GT-2160's!  If you're interested, click the picture below for more details. Check back tomorrow for another day and another shoe!

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