Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2: Nike LunarSwift+, Wilson Bever

Mile: 4:35, 800: 1:59, 400m: 50.17, 1,000m: 2:38

Wilson runs events ranging from the 400 meters to the 8k during cross country.  He just got his Nike Lunarswift+ about three weeks ago.  So far Wilson says that he is very pleased with his purchase.  The last pair of shoes that he used for running were the Nike Free Run+.  He reported that with those shoes he had a hard time running on rough and rocky terrain because of the reduced padding on the bottom of the shoe.  With the sturdy and durable bottoms on the Nike Lunarswift+ he is now able to run on any type of surface without any complications.  Wilson uses these shoes for any type of run off of the track such as progressive, moderate, and tempo runs, while sticking to spikes for his track workouts.

Wilson had a few different reasons for why this shoe stands out from his perspective.  When talking to him about how he liked the shoes, he said that the heel was curved more then his past shoes which makes his stride landings feel more natural and reduces discomfort.  Also, the cushioning is great for running and extremely supportive.  Wilson wears neutral shoes, and believes this is a good choice for similar runners.

When talking about a downside to this shoe, he said that it took him a week to break them in.  This was because he wasn't used to the amount of cushioning they provided so the shoes felt weird to run in at first, but once he got used to them he hasn't had any problems.

Thanks for talking with me about your LunarSwift+ Wilson!  

You can check out the shoes in more detail by clicking on the link below.  Feel free to share your opinions on these shoes and tell any of your friends that are interested in running about this blog.  Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for Day 3!

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