Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 15: Brooks Defyance 4, Will Kirk

5k: 16:09 | 8k: 26:37 | 10k: 33:42

Will currently wears the Brooks Defyance 4's. He got them because they are similar in style to the Asics Fortitude, his previous shoe. He wanted to try something new when he began to experience pain in his heel about 60 minutes into runs (the pain hasn't gone away entirely, but he said he is been able to manage it better). Will said, "I have pretty flat feet, but I don't necessarily overpronate so much and the wide base of the shoe accomodates my flat feet well without providing too much motion control and stability."

He likes the fact that the Brooks Defyance 4's are relatively lightweight, especially compared to the Asics Fortitude. They also fit his feet well and are made with biodegradable cushioning. Will puts an average of 60-65 miles on them each week. He said that they are a really good all purpose shoe for anything from speed work to long runs, but he thinks they are better for the longer types of runs such as threshold runs and 60+ minute runs.

Thanks Will! And thank you everyone for staying up with my 15 Shoes In 15 Days Project!!! Stay tuned, I will continue to blog about different running topics, just on a less frequent basis.

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