Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 14: Brooks Glycerin 6, Josh Bowling

1500: 4:19 | Mile: 4:40 | 3k: 9:24
3k Steeple Chase: 10:24 | 5k: 16:23

Josh got his first pair of Brook's Glycerin 6 because of a friends recommendation and he found his second pair! There are a few key features that he likes about them.  They are a little on the heavy side, however he said, "the redeeming quality is their comfort."  He also said, "I can easily say they are one of the most comfortable trainers i've ever worn." The comfort is due to the thick heel and slightly upward curve in the fore foot which provides for a smooth strike and toe off.

Josh typically runs 70 miles per week.  He enjoys using these shoes on trail runs and tempo runs on the road.  The cushioning and stability that the Brook's Glycerin 6 provide make them perfect for the uneven terrain of trail running and the hard shocks received from road workouts.

Thanks Josh!!!

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