Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 12: Mizuno Wave Rider 13, Will Zak

800: 2:01 | Mile: 4:41 | 5k: 17:08

Will wears the Mizuno Wave Rider 13's.  He got them because he had heard a lot of hype about the shoes from his friends.  The Wave Rider 13's are the first pair of Mizunos that he had ever worn.  He's worn Brooks and Asics for the majority of his running career.  He has had some trouble in the past with Brooks, but finds Asics good for running.  Will has found his Mizunos to be a nice change.

He said that his favorite features are their light weight, the level of comfort that they provide, and the fact that they are form fitting to his foot.  During Cross Country, Will ran 50-60 miles a week and the shoes held up through the whole season.  He has found that the Wave Rider 13's are perfect for any running scenario, but he prefers to use them for longer runs.

Will recommends that people out there who have never worn Mizunos before try them out.

Thanks Will!!!

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