Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 10: Nike Free, Andrew Johnson

 Mile: 4:31 | 2 Mile: 9:52
5k: 16:10 | Half Marathon: 1:22:08

Andrew currently runs in the Nike Free's.  He gave them a try because he likes lightweight shoes and running barefoot.  The Nike Free's seemed like the perfect match for his preferences.  He's had three pairs of them so far and says that they are really comfortable for running.  

Andrew said that the best thing about them is their light weight.  He said, "towards the tail-end of a long run, when my legs start getting heavy, I don't feel like I run as clunky as I use to."  For track workouts, they're great because he gets a little bit of the barefoot feel without tearing up his feet by actually running barefoot.

He commented, "I put anywhere from 30-50 miles on them per week, depending on where I'm at in my training cycle."  He says they are the best for road runs, track workouts, and running on smooth paths.  On the other hand, they are bad for trails where there are rocks and roots because there's not too much support in the sole of the shoe.

In conclusion, the Nike Free's are great for people who have a neutral stride and like lightweight shoes.

Andrew, thanks for the information about your Nike Free's!  Check back tomorrow for another post!

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