Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 15: Brooks Defyance 4, Will Kirk

5k: 16:09 | 8k: 26:37 | 10k: 33:42

Will currently wears the Brooks Defyance 4's. He got them because they are similar in style to the Asics Fortitude, his previous shoe. He wanted to try something new when he began to experience pain in his heel about 60 minutes into runs (the pain hasn't gone away entirely, but he said he is been able to manage it better). Will said, "I have pretty flat feet, but I don't necessarily overpronate so much and the wide base of the shoe accomodates my flat feet well without providing too much motion control and stability."

He likes the fact that the Brooks Defyance 4's are relatively lightweight, especially compared to the Asics Fortitude. They also fit his feet well and are made with biodegradable cushioning. Will puts an average of 60-65 miles on them each week. He said that they are a really good all purpose shoe for anything from speed work to long runs, but he thinks they are better for the longer types of runs such as threshold runs and 60+ minute runs.

Thanks Will! And thank you everyone for staying up with my 15 Shoes In 15 Days Project!!! Stay tuned, I will continue to blog about different running topics, just on a less frequent basis.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 14: Brooks Glycerin 6, Josh Bowling

1500: 4:19 | Mile: 4:40 | 3k: 9:24
3k Steeple Chase: 10:24 | 5k: 16:23

Josh got his first pair of Brook's Glycerin 6 because of a friends recommendation and he found his second pair! There are a few key features that he likes about them.  They are a little on the heavy side, however he said, "the redeeming quality is their comfort."  He also said, "I can easily say they are one of the most comfortable trainers i've ever worn." The comfort is due to the thick heel and slightly upward curve in the fore foot which provides for a smooth strike and toe off.

Josh typically runs 70 miles per week.  He enjoys using these shoes on trail runs and tempo runs on the road.  The cushioning and stability that the Brook's Glycerin 6 provide make them perfect for the uneven terrain of trail running and the hard shocks received from road workouts.

Thanks Josh!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This blog is closing in on 1,000 views. I would like to thank everyone who has continued to read this blog and support my project. Unfortunately, due to school constraints I will be dropping the blog from 30 Shoes In 30 Days to 15 Shoes In 15 Days. I will continue to post on the blog, but the updates will be much less frequent. I hope that you will all check out the last two blog entries!!!

Day 13: Asics GEL-DS Racer VI, Andrew Giordano

Mile: 4:52 | 5k: 17:47 | 8k: 28:15 | 10k: 38:36

Andrew got his Asics GEL-DS Racer VI's over the summer.  He was about to go on a run with one of his teammates, but he forgot his shoes at home.  His friend had them in his car and gave them to Andrew because they didn't fit.

It was a nice coincidence because Andrew was looking to start moving to lightweight shoes because of the barefoot running craze that the CNU distance team had gone through the previous Outdoor season.  He put the GEL-DS Racer's on and he said, "they felt like clouds on my feet."  They have never given him any injuries or anything of that nature.

The key features that he enjoys about them are that they are lightweight (technically flats) and super comfortable.  They run a little small, so he got them a 1/2 to 1 full size bigger than his normal training shoe.  Andrew runs 60-70 miles a week in them and wears them for everything; recovery, progressive, long runs and track and hill workouts.

He said, "this is by far my favorite shoe that I have ever put on."  Thanks for your input Andrew!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 12: Mizuno Wave Rider 13, Will Zak

800: 2:01 | Mile: 4:41 | 5k: 17:08

Will wears the Mizuno Wave Rider 13's.  He got them because he had heard a lot of hype about the shoes from his friends.  The Wave Rider 13's are the first pair of Mizunos that he had ever worn.  He's worn Brooks and Asics for the majority of his running career.  He has had some trouble in the past with Brooks, but finds Asics good for running.  Will has found his Mizunos to be a nice change.

He said that his favorite features are their light weight, the level of comfort that they provide, and the fact that they are form fitting to his foot.  During Cross Country, Will ran 50-60 miles a week and the shoes held up through the whole season.  He has found that the Wave Rider 13's are perfect for any running scenario, but he prefers to use them for longer runs.

Will recommends that people out there who have never worn Mizunos before try them out.

Thanks Will!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 11: Saucony Ride 2, Eric Ginsburg

Mile: 4:49 | 5k: 17:20

Eric runs in the Saucony Ride 2's.  He started to run in them after his high school coach gave him a pair and he has loved them ever since.  He's run in them for every run for two years straight.  A good thing that he found about the shoe is that they haven't caused any injuries.  Also, Eric said he never feels the ground when his feet hit the pavement.

Eric runs around 40 miles a week.  With his mileage he is able to make each pair last about a season and a half.  He said they are good for any type of running workout, ranging from 400s to 70 minute long runs.  He's found them to be on the heavy side, but it's only from the cushioning.  In his opinion, the cushioning counteracts the weight of the shoe.  He loves that he can run two a days in them and not have to worry about them falling apart.  Eric said that they are a really solid shoe, especially when you're running on the road a lot.

Thanks Eric!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 10: Nike Free, Andrew Johnson

 Mile: 4:31 | 2 Mile: 9:52
5k: 16:10 | Half Marathon: 1:22:08

Andrew currently runs in the Nike Free's.  He gave them a try because he likes lightweight shoes and running barefoot.  The Nike Free's seemed like the perfect match for his preferences.  He's had three pairs of them so far and says that they are really comfortable for running.  

Andrew said that the best thing about them is their light weight.  He said, "towards the tail-end of a long run, when my legs start getting heavy, I don't feel like I run as clunky as I use to."  For track workouts, they're great because he gets a little bit of the barefoot feel without tearing up his feet by actually running barefoot.

He commented, "I put anywhere from 30-50 miles on them per week, depending on where I'm at in my training cycle."  He says they are the best for road runs, track workouts, and running on smooth paths.  On the other hand, they are bad for trails where there are rocks and roots because there's not too much support in the sole of the shoe.

In conclusion, the Nike Free's are great for people who have a neutral stride and like lightweight shoes.

Andrew, thanks for the information about your Nike Free's!  Check back tomorrow for another post!